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Ultra firming & moisturizing. 


This mask kit contains: 2 sets of hydra algae peel-off mask (for 2x usage) + 1 facial ampoule (4ml) + 1 mixing spatula. 


Firming Natural Ampoule

Cream with natural ultra firming marine active ingredients and excipients. Helps the skin’s natural renewal process and minimizes the signs of ageing.


Hydra Algae Peel-Off Mask
Formulated with seaweed extract and natural active ingredients that give the mask ultra hydrating & firming properties. It intensely moisturizes the skin with its high content of brown seaweed extract thus maintaining youthful cellular activity. Your skin will appear deeply moisturized and firm. 

Ingredients: Seaweed, Wakame, and Marine Rejuvenating. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: The mask should be applied in under 5 minutes, as the mask will become solid after mixing. 

Casmara Hydra Algae Peel-Off Mask

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