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Balancing & calming effects. 


This mask kit contains two products: 1 balancing ampoule + 1 antioxidant algae peel-off mask. 


Balancing Ampoule

Provides the skin with protecting nutrients and regenerators. Formulated with Goji berries, betaine beet, honey, and specific active ingredients to protect and fight the external agents and the appearance of the signs of ageing.


Antioxidant Algae Peel-Off Mask
Formulated with Goji berries, quinoa seeds and seaweed. A combination of natural ingredients that provides unique revitalizing benefits for your skin. Casmara's Antioxidant Mask will strengthen the barrier effect of the skin and protects your face from external agents.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The mask should be applied in under 5 minutes as the mask will become solid after mixing. 




Casmara Antioxidant Algae Peel-Off Mask


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